The Bearded Collie is distinguished by it's splendid coat,much appreciated for it's colour(black,blue and brown)and for the volume and length of the coat that covers the head. The Bearded Collie is one of the oldest working dog breeds.
It  seems that it's origins can be traced back to the Magiari,hungarian shepherds that moved their flock in search of new pastures accompanied by long haired sheepdogs.The Magiari went as far as Asia and Europe,and from their dogs probably originated the Pumi,Puli,and Nizinny that greatly resemble the Beardie.1514 is a significant year for the Beardie,the year that a polish tradesman disembarked in Scotland and in exchange for a goat and a sheep he left a pair of long haired sheepdogs.Breeding these two subjects together with other sheepdogs(selected for working ability and experience of working with british shepherds),created the "Highland Collie"or the "Mountain Collie" In 1912 the Bearded Collie Club was founded.
With the outbreak of the first world war,as with many other breeds,the Beardie risked extinction. After the war Mrs.Willinson, owner of Bothkennar Kennel saved the breed. Mrs.Willinson had a bitch called Jennie,however she was unnnable to breed from her as she could not find a male.Finally after years of searching she found Bailie and from the union of these two subjects the breed that we know today was created.
The rest is recent history.The breed club was reformed in 1955,and officially by the Kennel Club in 1964.In that same year the breed was officially recognized and the first breed standard approved. In 1974 the breed was also recognized in the USA.The Beardie is now well Known in all countries with anglosaxon influences such as Australia,New Zealand,and vast areas of Europe.
In Italy the Beardie was introduced in the seventies thanks to the unforgettable Luciano Bernini,breedeer with the affix"del Narciso" famous international judge,and great expert of british sheepdog breeds,who was the first to breed Beardies in this country.We thank Mr.Bernini for his experience and careful breeding,that brought the breed to an excellent level.We bought our first bitch from him,and Irma del Narciso began our personal history.
CARE.The rich coat covers the Beardie is made up of a soft undercoat and a hursher straight overcoat that may be slightly wavy but never curly.To keep a Beardie coats in good condition it is essential to brush the areas where knots can form:behind the ears,on the paws and the stomach.This is not difficult,but it is important to get the dog used to being handled from an early age.As far as the colour is concerned it is said that a characteristic of the Beardie coat is one of constant change.For example,a puppy born black may become silver grey and return to its' original colour once an adult.
CHARACTER.Beardie are ideal for all age groups.Playful and loving towards children,and never aggressive.always ready to run after a frisbee in the park and athletic with youngsters.Particularly good at agility,as the Beardie learns quickly and is a wonderful sight with its' flowing coat when running and jumping.Whith adults it is a calm dog,always looking for affection,patient,never nervous but always ready to show his vivatious nature. Due to this positive character Beardies are also good dogs to use for pet-terapy. 
In conclusion,and to well describle the breed,all that need to be said is that the Bearded Collie is defined by the Americans as "love at first sight",we do not have a definition to give you,the fact remains that who knows the Beardie for its vivacity,gentle expression and intelligence cannot do without its' company.
GENERAL APPAREANCE.A long sturdy body,that must never be too heavy.originally used as a hill herder and drover in Scotland: Active,slightly longer than high(in rapport5:4),the bitch may be longer.Males:ideal size to withers 53-56cm  Bitches:51-53cm.
GAIT.Smooth,supple effortless strides. 
COAT.Thick soft undercoat,harsh outer coat,strong and shaggy,of a non wooly texture,and never curly,a slight wave is allowed.Lenght and density should be enough to enhance the natural body lines,and give a good protection to a dog expected to work outside in all weathers.The coat must never be treated in any way.Sparse covering on the bridge of the nose,slightly longer on the sides,covering the lips forming the typical beard.
COLOUR.Slate,reddish fawn,black,blue and all tones of grey,brown or sand,with or without white markings;where they are present,they appear on the foreface,the head,the tip of the tail,the chest,legs and feet,where there is white around the collar,this must go behind the shoulder.No white markings outside hidlegs above the hocks. 
HEAD.Head in proportion to size,with a broad flat and square skull,distance between stop and occiput,being equal to width between orifices of hears.Muzzle strong and equal in length to distance between stop and occiput.Whole effect being that of a dog wuth strength of muzzle and plenty of brain room.Moderate stop.Large square nose,generally black but normally following the coat colour in blues and browns.Nose and lips af solid colour without spots or patches.Pigmentation of lips and eye rims follows nose colour.
EYES.In armony with the colour of the coat,large and set wide apart,with a gentle sweet expression.Eyebrows arch and fall forwards,but not so long as to hide the eyes. 
EARS.Of medium size,drooping to the side of the head.when alert they lift at the base,but never to go above the top of the skull. 
NECK.Slightly arched,muscular and of moderate  length. 
TEETH.Large white teeth,strong jaw,regular and complete scissor bite.
FOREQUARTERS.Shoulders sloping well back,legs straight and vertical,with good bone,covered with shaggy hair all around.Pasterns flexible whithout weakness. 
HINDQUARTERS.Well muscled with good second thighs,well bent stifles and low hocks,lowes leg falls at right angle to ground and,in normal stance,is just behind a line vertically below point of buttocks. 
FEET.Oval,with well padded soles,toes arched and close together,well covered with hair,including betweed pads. 
BODY.Length of back comes from length of ribcage and not that of line.Back level and ribs well sprung but not barrelled.Loin strong and chest deep,giving plenty of lung and heart room.
TAIL.Set low without kink or twist,and long enough for end of bone to reach at least point of hock.Carried low with an upward swirl at tip whilst standing or walking,may be extended at speed.Never carried over bak.Covered with abundant hair