Philabeg Bearded Collie 
Hi everyone, 
our first beardie entered our home in '91 to keep Toby company, a cross breed that looked very much like this breed. 
Her name was Irma del Narciso (Kira) and she came from Judge Bernini's breeding Kennel, an expert in British breeds. 
From her daughter Miss Cuddle (Candy), and from different litters, we kept, Bluebell (Mary) and May Queen Irma (Irma), that together with her daughter Heaven Harmony (Helen) and Jezebel of Jazz (Cleo),completed our dog-family. 
In summer 2010 came the puppy Braemoor's Italian Sunrise (Heidi) from the Netherlands. 
Our aim is to breed few litters but selected for morphology and temperament because a healthy and loving beardie will be a faithful companion for young and old. 
It's a real joy for us to share our home with our beardies, the bearded collie is a sheep dog so he considers the family part of his flock, he's discreet and gives unconditioned love. 
We must remember that the bearded collie is a gatherer which means that he's a leading sheep-dog, used to guiding the flock through roads, fields or mountain paths. He establishes a very strong relationship with man, ready to obey to comands, he's bold and often takes personal initiatives. 
He's always ready to accompany you on your walks, or he'll just lay peacefully waiting for you, he'll always greet you happily, never aggressive and will obey to anyone. 
If you are fit and you like agility, this breed is very suitable for this discipline, it's fast and learns quickly. 
We will always be available to follow up on the growth of our puppies keeping in touch with the owners. In case of doubts, hints on health, grooming, education, we will put our experience at your disposal. 
Our dogs take active part in the show rings, obtaining excellent results, thus confirming that the careful selection of the matings raises the quality of the breed to a good level. 
Our Kennel is recognised by ENCI and FCI and Philabeg is our affix, this is the name of the famous kilt in Scottish language, since this is where the origin of the Bearded Collie breed is rooted. 
Laura and Severino Bortoli